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We will return!

We started Nothing To See Here in 2020 when life was different and we were at home a lot with too much time on our hands. Since then our professional lives have returned and we have found ourselves with less time.

We love this podcast and we know there are dedicated listeners out there who are hoping and waiting and wishing….

We genuinely plan to be back so please subscribe HERE to be notified of the beginning of Series Four – and all future episodes.

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A Moment Of Seriousness

If you could share the information about Passion For The Planet on your social media, Darren and his theatre company will be truly grateful:





Due to the technical delay, the first episode of Series 2 (Passive-Aggressive) wasn’t fully accessible for 6 days past its original scheduled release date, so we will be bringing the next Episode out on Sunday 15th November.

In the meantime here is a chocolate cookie recipe (makes about 24) to get help our audience get through the unplanned week without us.

We are also planning a Christmas Eve Special for anyone who cares.

Darren and Stephen



We’ve missed you! Have you missed us?

It’s the start of the second series and Darren has upset Stephen. (And everyone else in Muswell Hill.)

(And his Mum.)

Stephen continues to listen less and get more confused.

The sex facts continue to be annoying.

How was Stephen’s holiday?

Is Arnold Holey still listening?

Find out all this and more from Sunday 25th October!


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We are desperately needy, you realise that, don’t you?