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Episode 11 – Tired – The last of Series 1

Welcome to the last episode of Nothing To See Here’s first podcast series. We are going to take a break, as you the listeners need one. Please make sure you subscribe to us at all the usual places – details on this page – so you that will know the minute we are back!

In return for the pain relief of leaving you alone for a little while, we’d really appreciate it if you could “like” us, comment on us and share us from whichever platform you listen to us on. And please spread the word on your own social media, or in person to friends if you really love us.

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And please fill in our Audience Survey; we are interested in the answers to Questions 10 and 11.

Thank you for all your love, support and bewilderment. It has meant a lot to us, so much so that we will be back with Series 2!

Darren and Stephen

Music: Decline And Fall ; Get Happy


You all will notice one of the dreaded (as far as I am concerned) questionnaires at the top of the page. We are bowing to the inevitable and seeking out information on who you are out there listening to us, so we can come around to your homes and ask for money to help Darren become a nicer person.

The answers we are most interested in are for Questions 10 and 11 – so you can just make up the rest,

Thank you.